Services - Sophia Robinson, Psy.D.
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Neurofeedback is the direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to work more efficiently, allowing the relief of emotional and brain-based symptoms. As the brain controls your emotional well-being, psychological health and every system in your body, training it into better function has far-reaching benefits.

Neurofeedback training for the brain is similar to physical training for the body. Many illnesses, disorders or unwanted behavior patterns are due to dysregulation of brain activity, and with Neurofeedback, patients can learn to achieve more functionality by retraining the brain. The brain is designed to adapt to changes in our body and the environment, so it makes sense that we should be able to re-train the brain to function optimally, the way it was designed.


Dr. Sophia Robinson provides psychotherapy to her clients to help them address a wide variety of issues.  Some of the most common concerns adults and child clients work on are:

  • Mood – Improvements in mood management and coping skills for frequent to chronic sadness, anger, worry, anxiety, and fears/phobias
  • Stress – Reduction for stress and its related symptoms including insomnia, headache, and its other physical manifestations such as the development and/or aggravation of autoimmune issues
  • Relationships – Improvements for difficulties that arise in marriages, romantic relationships, friendships, parent-child relationships, relationships with other family members, and work relationships
  • Self Esteem – Strengthening and sometimes rebuilding self-worth and self confidence
  • Grief Work – Processing through a loss in life of a loved one due to death or as the result of the end of a relationship, losses due to moves and other major life changes
  • Boundary Challenges – Interpersonal Improvement for the resolution of enabling and people pleasing impulses and behaviors
  • Forgiveness – Healing for emotional injuries, working on forgiveness

Christian Counseling

When requested, Dr. Sophia Robinson provides Christian counseling which is compassionate counseling that is centered on biblical principles and values. The Christian faith provides guidance on how to navigate life according to God’s intention for us. Our loving, heavenly Father has provided us this guidance to help us to live in a way that is pleasing to Him and that will set us free, bring joy, and provide shelter from the stormy waters of life. With Jesus’ help we can overcome fears, accept losses, and enjoy more peaceful waters and green pastures. Dr. Robinson walks with her clients on their unique journey and welcomes them to explore Christian faith as a way to enhance life. Dr. Robinson’s therapeutic services, whether a client has opted for Christian counseling, always includes effective and appropriate therapeutic interventions that are the gold standards in the field of psychology.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can take on many forms depending on each particular family’s constellation. No matter the form, it has the goal of helping to improve and deepen the relationships between family members and find solutions that helps the family function better as a unit. Dr. Robinson helps different types of families with this goal, those with young children, older children, where all members are adults, and sometimes with just a subset of family members, such as siblings or a parent and one child.